The Major Projects
Mr. Mohamed Amine Sbihi
Minister of Culture

Cultural development reflcts cultural vitality and diversity as well as the accessibility to culture, and is the basis for Moroccan citizen's personality enrichment, consolidating identity and nourishing national pride. The Kingdom's new constitution is fully supportive of its cause, introducing richly innovative measures in terms of laws, languages and institutions.

From this perspective, the cultural sector, spurred forward by advances made since its Ministry was created and well aware of its economic potential and major projects still to be undertaken to further its participation in nation's development dynamics, has made signifiant progress since the implementation of its sectorial plan in 2012.

The sectorial plan's 5 focuses
The sectorial plan is designed to foster local cultural policy, preserve and make the utmost of our common heritage's irreplaceable components, promote cultural and creative industries, activate cultural diplomacy, and apply good governance tools.

We consider that results obtained thus far, with regards to investment in cultural infrastructures, heritage preservation and promotion, cultural and artistic projects fiancing, cooperation and exchange, and result-orientated management implementation, are optimal given all constraints involved.

In practice, it became clear that Morocco's ambitions, opportunities and potential with regards to culture required more than a single sectorial approach, and that an overall strategic perspective had to be developed to set mediumand long-term goals and activate greater resources, in order to lay foundations of a real national cultural policy.

The strategy: developing a culture and heritage economy
The required strategic perspective is based on His Majesty the King's vision to best use nation's cultural capital and make culture a lever for development. It is expressed in a strategy comprising two complementary pillars: Patrimoine 2020 and Maroc Culturel 2020.

The strategy's wide scope aims to put culture at the centre of Morocco's progressive development, through its participation in creating wealth and its essential role in cementing national identity and strengthening social cohesion.

Amongst other things, it calls for resources mobilisation amounting 5 billion dirhams, restructuring administration to instil new management methods and assist the regionalisation process, setup of new institutions for public policy's drafting and assessment, and consequent new legislation introduction.
We are aware that such fiancial, administrative, institutional and regulatory requirements are as much challenges as they are opportunities. Meeting them will make Morocco's cultural sector one of the frontrunners amongst emerging nations, a position objectively reflcting the richness and diversity of our national culture and reinforcing Morocco's regional and continental leadership with regards to heritage promotion, artistic creation and development of a real culture and heritage economy.