The Major Projects
Mr. Aziz Rabbah
Minister of Equipment, Transportation and Logistics

We work ceaselessly to provide adapted responses to citizens and users needs and to anticipate various economic operators' needs with regards to infrastructures, facilities and transportation means. To give further drive to this dynamic, we have undertaken large-scale programmes for transportation infrastructures' development and liberalisation of different ways of travelling, designed to accompany the Kingdom's economic growth.

Infrastructures worthy of national economic ambitions
Several master plans up to 2030-2035 horizons have been drafted, and shaped into development programmes in filds of roads and motorways, railways, ports, airports and logistics. Such programmes, whether completed or still underway, are the expression of a proactive strategy for major networks' of infrastructures and superstructures reinforcement and modernisation, enabling Morocco to become an international investment platform and a strong North-South trade link between Africa and Europe, as well as in East-West trade, especially between countries in the Mediterranean region.

Examples include the Rocade Méditerranéenne highway, Tangier-Agadir and El Jadida-Casablanca-Oujda motorways, work start-up on the master plan‘s fist section for high-speed railway lines between Tangier and Casablanca, the Tangier-Mediterranean port, work start-up on Saf port and, soon, on ports of Nador-West Med, Kenitra-Atlantic and Dakhla-Atlantic, as well as recognition of Casablanca's Mohammed V Airport as an international hub for the southern Mediterranean.

In parallel to these high-capacity infrastructures, we are setting up local service and transport infrastructures enabling harmonious and balanced territorial development that ensures full integration of people living in the rural world and remote areas and enables them to participate in the Kingdom's economic dynamic.

At the service of local inhabitants and economic operators
Major reforms on road transportation of goods and passengers, the railway sector and port sectors have been undertaken through introduction of internal and inter-port competition, launch of a new maritime transport development strategy, liberalisation of air transport and implementation of an ambition strategy for development of logistics activities incorporating all means of transportation.

The Ministry also aims to develop expertise and training centres within professions of transport and related activities, and establish Morocco as a regional industrial platform, particularly as regards to transportation, through development of subcontractor and maintenance industries in filds such as aeronautics, railway equipment, shipyards and building materials.

Finally, Morocco is resolutely committed to an approach based on win-win partnerships with the private sector for creation and use of infrastructures and transport services, of suffiient quality to meet citizens and economic operators growing needs. The work undertaken has already started to produce highly satisfactory results, with transportation costs reduction, logistic competitiveness improvement, emergence of a fabric of successful and competitive national companies, and attraction of top-name international investors.