The Major Projects
Abdel-Ilah Benkiran
Head of Government

Morocco's great projects have now become reality
Under His Majesty's- the King Mohammed the sixth drive, may God protect him, and with Moroccan people's active support, the Kingdom has succeeded in bringing out two major changes that have shaped a new proactive nation through commitment to a wide range of ambitious development initiatives stemming from people's determination, to see their homeland amongst emerging countries ranks.

While these changes' beginning has to do with undisputed quantitative and qualitative advances Morocco has made on an economic level, the following step covers good citizenship and patriotism from various Moroccan society components, set as they are in actively contributing to our nation's growth. Today, these changes call upon each one of us to do our utmost to realize that they are fairly and sustainably perpetuated to ensure signifiant improvement in citizens' real well-being and to our country's prosperity.

It is to this noble and fundamental mission that the government is resolutely committed, primarily seeking, to make life easier for enterprises and bring signifiant and visible improvements in the business environment and to our nation's attractiveness to investors, remedy shortcomings and make fundamental improvements to governance and public polices coherence, and, fially, to tend to those social strata that have benefied little or not at all from fruits of our nation's growth over the last fiteen years. Economic progress and social cohesion form the basis for our nation's inclusive development and are a major priority for government action.

To further these ends, government is set on continuing with structural reforms, required in order to create conditions conducive to economic activity, freeing budgetary resources to enable the State to best carry out its economic and social missions of general interest, correcting social and territorial imbalances, and preserving the right to future generations to continue living in an economically prosperous society while improving their social well-being.

The government is equally determined to continue with implementation of social and economic development projects, seeking continuous improvement in their effectiveness and coherence. To this end, convinced that sector-specifi strategies and policies already underway or newly launched are of major benefi to our country, providing visibility in the eyes of investors and mobilising public and private actors equally to ensure their success, the government is working to guarantee coordination, harmonisation and coherence within all strategies and ensure necessary synergies and complementarities, linking them on a sectorial and territorial level.

As a government at the service of its citizens, our aim is to promote a vision for development that we hope see realised through national expertise, merit and sacrifie, to build a Morocco that is strong, united and authentic. Our fial goal is to reinforce his Majesty the King's vision of a unifid emerging nation with its views set on the future, and confient about its ambitions and potential.