The Major Projects
Mr. Aziz Akhannouch
Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries

Moroccan soil is rich, its climate accommodating and its natural resources are as abundant as diverse. The Moroccan agricultural sector may then call for productivity and quality. We can mention as proof the outstanding potential our country harbours in terms of favourable ecosystems and wide biodiversity, not to mention our farmers' age-old tradition of know-how in their activity fild. Well aware of this rich heritage, passed down from one generation to the next and jealously maintained, and in compliance with Royal guidelines, Morocco has set up an agricultural development and promotion strategy befiting its ambitions for the sector and country's economic and social growth.

In addition, the extent of its national marine space, biodiversity it accommodates and characteristics of its ecosystems make the sea fihing sector a strategic vector of Morocco's economic and social development - a national heritage whose benefis we must learn to enjoy in sustainable fashion in Moroccan people's interests as a whole, and for nation's prosperity.

Development of agriculture and sea fihing sectors has become a major priority under the reign of HM the King Mohammed the VI, who has been paying close attention to them both, for several years now. The best proof of his concern is the launch, in the Sovereign's presence and with his gracious support, of two ambitious structuring strategies: Plan Maroc Vert (PMV – Green Morocco Plan) for agriculture and Halieutis for the fihing sector. His Majesty's supervision, support and goodwill have injected a new fresh breath and unprecedented dynamism into both sectors, bringing radical changes in their very fabric.

Plan Maroc Vert, a new agricultural development strategy
Given the nation's outstanding agricultural and halieutic potential, and major issues involved in securing food supplies, the Ministry of Agriculture, in compliance with guidelines set by His Majesty the King, has drawn up Plan Maroc Vert. The strategy is born from the determination to instil a dynamic, harmonious and balanced evolution in our territories and terroirs, seeking to make the utmost of existing assets in an attractive and favourable environment, which takes great care in respecting each region's specifiities and making best use of its potential.

It enables us to envisage steady agricultural development, that should put the Kingdom in a position of strength facing new global issues arising in this highly strategic activity fild, and to preserve social balances through better understanding of geographical, spatial and economic dynamics specifi to each national agricultural area.

Above all, the strategy seeks to ensure emergence of a modern and successful agricultural sector, adapted to changes in the market and whose orientations become an encouraging reality for the future, doing so through a range of concrete actions going from upstream to downstream on the value chain and including production tools improvement, support for productivity, marketing and labelling.

Plan Halieutis, a new strategy for the sea fihing sector development
The Kingdom's sea fihing strategy is shaped by new international context, which advocates marine biological resources safeguarding, sustainable exploitation thereof and making best use of catches. Design and implementation of the sea fihing sector's development is based on a new strategy baptised "Halieutis", launched in September 2009. Implementation of the strategy, which aims to preserve nation's halieutic heritage while instilling fresh drive into the sector through major promotion of its products, has produced very convincing results.