The Major Projects
Mr. Moulay Hafid Elalamy
Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy

With the new industrial strategy's launch, reinforcement and consolidation of the Moroccan industrial sector's assets are now underway. Concerted targeted action has been budgeted for, and the ambitious plan is set to generate some half a million jobs in the sector by 2020, bringing industry's GDP share up to 23%, as against 14% today. The Kingdom's industry is being given fresh drive through deployment of a new model adapted to Moroccan context's specifiities.

Industrial ecosystems: Industrial Acceleration Plan cornerstone
Industrial ecosystems setup provided by the Plan constitutes a new approach and is the strategy's cornerstone and founding concept. The underlying aim is to federate groups of companies around "driving forces" behind ecosystem projects. Such driving forces might be national industrial leaders, professional groups or foreign investors. Ecosystems seek to bring their actors together in initiatives of inclusion around targeted cooperation programmes resulting, amongst other things, in long-term supply contracts and technological transfers. The goal is to foster strategic alliances formation between large corporations and SMEs, creating relationships that go beyond run-of-the-mill order-giver/subcontractor interaction. Such ecosystems are in a position to provide large companies with every link in their logistic supply chain, helping them gain in terms of competitiveness, quality and responsiveness. SMEs also benefi, with increased visibility on order books and consequent improved development prospects; they will also work to become more dynamic and innovative in order to meet their customers' needs.

The ecosystem project is currently making steady headway. The OCP led the way by undertaking setup of 3 ecosystems, and other associations including AMICA and AMITH were not long in following. In addition, a quartet of structuring investments on the part of leading international industrial concerns in the aeronautics sector has led to fiancing the setup of 4 ecosystems focusing on their activity branch. Sectorial and regional project's organisation is underway, and the process for creating new ecosystems should be further structured through conclusion of performance contracts setting specifi objectives for companies in terms of job creation, added value and export capacities. In exchange, the State undertakes to lend specifi appropriate support to each activity, whether in the form of land allocation, human resources training or fiancial input, the goal being to end up with clear roadmaps for each sector

Targeted support provision for successful ecosystems
Building successful ecosystems requires support adapted to their needs and those of companies involved. The Industrial Acceleration Plan provides a series of measures designed to commit companies to their continuous performance improvement. In terms of fiancing, necessary resources for supporting creation of ecosystems have been made available and member companies will be provided with means they need to fulfi their ambitions with regards to competitiveness, development and internationalisation.

Creation of an Industrial Development Fund with an initial endowment of 20 million dirhams should provide an unprecedented spur to completion of the industrial project underway. The fund will go into operation in 2015 and is set to activate 3 billion dirhams a year. Financial aid will be allocated in return for undertakings on job creation, value creation and exports. With regards to land, measures provided by the strategy seek to ease its acquisition, being an obstacle to industrial activities deployment. In order to overcome the ongoing land shortage investors have been facing up until now, 1000 hectares will be made available for the setup of activity centres with turnkey premises available for rent.

Such industrial parks incorporate single windows to obtain administrative authorisations, nearby labour pools, ad hoc services and training facilities. 2 parks, one in Bouskoura and the other in Ouled Saleh, Casablanca, are now operating successfully, and 2 others are currently under construction in Settat (Setaparc) and Berrechid (Ecoparc). The use to which future industrial parks of this kind (as provided by the Industrial Acceleration Plan) will be put will take full account of each region's expressed needs and potential and specifiities of each territory. Last but by no means least of forms of assistance to be provided to companies in the exercise of their activities, concerns their human resources training. The Industrial Acceleration Plan recognises full importance of this key factor and seeks to ensure future skills' provision better suited to companies' needs. In order to do so, detailed mapping of training needs is currently underway, with quantifiation of employment needs by sector, profie, region and year, and the inventory of Morocco's existing training offer
All measures provided by the new strategy have already being activated, aiming to confim private enterprise as a driving force for growth and provide it with a framework for action likely to encourage investment and lead to the obtainment of signifiant foreign markets shares.