The Major Projects
The Monitor of major projects in Morocco
Partitions of emergence
In an exceptional book, "The Monitor of major projects in Morocco, partitions of emergence", edited by "The Economic Editions of Morocco" our editorial team celebrates the 15 years of the reign of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI and highlights the new socio-economic development strategy of Morocco.

The interest of this edition, in two versions (French and English), is to draw the contour of the new geostrategic configuration which proposes today to our nation, and which goes through a decade of adjustments and the upgrade in an emerging era.

This transition is a result of the high guidance of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI and under His leadership has federated all the vital forces of the nation: public and private, collective and individual, national and regional, that work together to reinforce the last decade’s achievements that consolidate the qualitative multisectoral leap realized by Morocco in all of its components.

This high quality book was produced thanks to the contribution of prominent personalities and institutions. It aims, therefore, to be a documentary reference and an analysis tool for new pillars of national growth. It addresses both major decision-makers and opinion leaders in Morocco, and all Moroccans who care about the emergence of our great nation.

"The Economic Editions of Morocco" team is glad to present the second edition of the book.                         

Abdellatif Jouahri
Governor of the Bank Al-Maghrib
Bank Al-Maghrib’s responsibility in supervising the Kingdom’s banks covers everything from authorisation conferral to carrying out banking activities to regulations drafting, via monitoring, sanctions imposition on offending establishments and remedying to their diffiulties...

Nizar Baraka
President of the Economic,
Social and Environmental Council
In southern provinces, the advanced regionalisation project should enable creating a new dynamic in terms of economic and social development and of governance, leading to shared growth and regional balance.

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"Final goals may not yet be fully achieved, but the paths leading to them are now clearly marked out."
The new reign has got Morocco well and truly on the move. Ever prompt in arousing the national will and rekindling collective intelligence, it has created openings for dialogue and reflxivity more than stimulating enough to countachievements, name challenges and mark out the future. It is scarcely surprising, then, that the Kingdom’s recent trajectory has been a cumulative process where one reform takes it in turns with the next ...
Abdel-Ilah Benkiran
Head of Government

Under His Majesty’s- the King Mohammed the sixth drive, may God protect him, and with Moroccan people’s active support, the Kingdom has succeeded in bringing out two major changes that have shaped...
Aziz Akhannouch
Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries

Moroccan soil is rich, its climate accommodating and its natural resources are as abundant as diverse. The Moroccan agricultural sector may then call for productivity and quality...
Aziz Rabbah
Minister of Equipment,
Transportation and Logistics

We work ceaselessly to provide adapted responses to citizens and users needs and to anticipate various economic operators’ needs...
Abdelkader Amara
Minister of Energy, Mining,
Water and the Environment

As a country that does not export energy, Morocco is preparing the ground for a salutary transition aimed at reducing the weight and pressure of its energy dependence...
Moulay Hafid Elalamy
Minister of Industry, Trade,
Investment and the Digital Economy

With the new industrial strategy’s launch, reinforcement and consolidation of the Moroccan industrial sector’s assets are now underway...

Lahcen Haddad
Minister of Tourism

Since the global economic crisis beginnings, Moroccan tourism has been able to withstand resulting uncertainties thanks to His Majesty the King’s gracious concern for the sector...
Mohamed Amine Sbihi
Minister of Culture

Cultural development reflcts cultural vitality and diversity as well as the accessibility to culture, and is the basis for Moroccan citizen’s personality...
Mohamed Louafa
Minister delegate to the head
of government in charge of
General Affairs and Governance

Designing a vision for governance improvement is central to guidelines set by His Majesty the King, and, the new Constitution’s key...


Aziz Hasbi
Professor of Higher Education,
researcher in international relations
A pragmatic initiative serving the national interest


Abderrahim El Maslouhi
Professor of Constitutional Law and Political Science at Mohammed V University in Rabat
The virtuous circle and democratic consolidation


Saad Belghazi
International Consultant and Teacher
at the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics in Rabat
Successful opening up of the economy after the infrastructure challenge


Aicha Belarbi
Professor of Sociology at Mohammed V University in Rabat
Mutations in Moroccan Society
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