The Major Projects
Abdel-Ilah Benkiran
Head of Government

Under His Majesty’s- the King Mohammed the sixth drive, may God protect him, and with Moroccan people’s active support, the Kingdom has succeeded in bringing out two major changes that have shaped a new proactive nation through commitment to a wide range of ambitious development initiatives stemming from people’s determination, to see their homeland amongst emerging countries ranks...
Aziz Akhannouch
Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries

Moroccan soil is rich, its climate accommodating and its natural resources are as abundant as diverse. The Moroccan agricultural sector may then call for productivity and quality...
Aziz Rabbah
Minister of Equipment,
Transportation and Logistics

We work ceaselessly to provide adapted responses to citizens and users needs and to anticipate various economic operators’ needs with regards to infrastructures, facilities and transportation means...
Abdelkader Amara
Minister of Energy, Mining,
Water and the Environment

As a country that does not export energy, Morocco is preparing the ground for a salutary transition aimed at reducing the weight and pressure of its energy dependence...
Moulay Hafid Elalamy
Minister of Industry, Trade,
Investment and the Digital Economy

With the new industrial strategy’s launch, reinforcement and consolidation of the Moroccan industrial sector’s assets are now underway. Concerted targeted action..

Lahcen Haddad
Minister of Tourism

Since the global economic crisis beginnings, Moroccan tourism has been able to withstand resulting uncertainties thanks to His Majesty the King’s gracious concern for the sector...
Mohamed Amine Sbihi
Minister of Culture

Cultural development reflcts cultural vitality and diversity as well as the accessibility to culture, and is the basis for Moroccan citizen’s personality ...
Mohamed Louafa
Minister delegate to the head
of government in charge of
General Affairs and Governance

Designing a vision for governance improvement is central to guidelines set by His Majesty the King, and, the new Constitution’s key...

Abdellatif Jouahri
Governor of the Bank Al-Maghrib
Bank Al-Maghrib’s responsibility in supervising the Kingdom’s banks covers everything from authorisation conferral to carrying out banking activities to regulations drafting, via monitoring, sanctions imposition on offending establishments and remedying to their diffiulties...

Nizar Baraka
President of the Economic,
Social and Environmental Council
In southern provinces, the advanced regionalisation project should enable creating a new dynamic in terms of economic and social development and of governance, leading to shared growth and regional balance.